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Covid-19 Guidance Policy

Disclaimer: The information in this document is intended as guidance only and should not supersede any medical or scientific advice released by Governments and/or Local Authorities and/or Medical Experts.  The information is for guidance and suggestion purposes only.


We hold no responsibility for errors or accidental lack of acknowledgment or attribution of secondary sources.  



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are new measures that are to be considered and put in place to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and variants.  Our main objective is to keep everyone within our school safe.


JSDA will only resume regular classes when it is safe to do so and by following the advice of the Government.  With this in mind, it is likely that JSDA may be required to change / adapt to any new advice as guided to us by the government at any time.


It is important to note that all of the information in this document is only guidance and has been put together based on the Government guidance and our own expertise, and will be updated when circumstances change.



What’s included in this document:

  1. Introduction

  2. Good Hand Hygiene

  3. Coughs & Sneezes

  4. Feeling Unwell

  5. School Plan

    1. Prevent

    2. Manage

    3. Mitigate

  6. Face Masks

  7. Stay at Home and Shielding

  8. Risk Assessment

  9. Ventilation

  10. Toilet Facilities

  11. First Aid

  12. Payments

  13. Track & Trace

  14. General Information


Good Hand Hygiene

It is our policy until further notice that all students, staff and visitors are expected to:

  1. Wash or sanitise their hands at regular intervals and where necessary throughout their stay in the building.  Ideally, following the below;

    1. Before leaving home or last place, to come to JSDA

    2. Upon entering the studio

    3. Before and after eating

    4. Before and after each class

    5. After using the toilet

    6. Before and after using any shared items

    7. After using a tissue/elbow to blow their nose or cough

    8. Before leaving the studio


This is expected from all persons entering into the building in order for us to minimise any potential risk to those in the building and any persons who use the building after we leave the premises.


Hand sanitiser will be available in the main entrances at all venues JSDA uses.  Should there be no hand sanitiser available, all persons should go to the nearest toilet to wash their hands.


The toilets will be checked regularly by JSDA and venue staff to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of hand soap available.


We ask that each individual washes their hands regularly, and brings with them their own hand sanitiser to keep in their bag to use when needed.


It is important to remember that washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is more effective than using hand sanitiser



Coughs and Sneezes

Good hygiene practices should be followed;

  • All staff, students and visitors are expected to continue the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ approach in regards to respiratory hygiene

  • Students will be reminded of this regularly

  • Tissues will be available in the studio

  • If there are no tissues available, then cough or sneeze into the crook of the arm (elbow area) preventing ejection or distribution of the cough or sneeze.  Hands should be washed immediately and the arm if it is a bare arm

  • Dispose of tissues into the nearest bin immediately

  • Posters will be placed around the building to remind students of the above information



Feeling Unwell

If a person becomes unwell prior to attending JSDA and displays symptoms of the coronavirus, typically flu like symptoms, then they SHOULD NOT ATTEND CLASSES but should inform the Principal via email at;

Chesham Branch:

Aston Clinton Branch:

that they have symptoms and when they first noticed the symptoms.


Staff and volunteers will commit to the wellbeing of each person whilst in the premises.  Our staff have a legal duty of care to ensure the environment is safe for all who visit or attend.  This means, our staff have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that everyone attending or visiting will be safe.  


If anyone attending or visiting shows/has any signs of COVID-19 (high temperature, continuous cough or loss of change to your sense of smell or taste), they should not enter into the building and we suggest for them to take a PCR test.  This is to protect all of our students and staff from possible infection of Covid-19. 


If a person is unwell whilst at the school this must be reported IMMEDIATELY to a member of staff.  If you believe that you or a person you live with has contracted the coronavirus then you should contact the NHS on 111, or if it is an emergency on 999.


School Plan

This plan is to help prevent, manage and mitigate the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at JSDA, and is likely to change and adapt to Government guidelines



  1. All staff and students should follow the good hand hygiene outlined above

  2. Posters informing of the Coronavirus risk, and good hygiene practices will be displayed throughout the building

  3. Surfaces and equipment including mats for Acro, will be cleaned regularly using standard products such as detergents

  4. Staff will ensure that students are following good hand hygiene practices

  5. Staff and students should raise any concerns immediately

  6. Toilet areas are to be checked regularly, with cleaning conducted if required by JSDA staff or venue staff

  7. Door handles and any surfaces will be wiped down regularly by staff

  8. Staff should challenge any person not following good hand hygiene practices

  9. We request that any person not participating in classes remain outside the premises to prevent any possible transmission, should it occur

  10. Staff should remain up to date with the latest developments of the Coronavirus

  11. Students, parents, staff and visitors should inform the Principal if they have been or are at risk/contact with Coronavirus

  12. Any persons should inform the Principal if they have to self-isolate or have tested positive for Coronavirus

  13. Classes may be changed to online lessons should a staff member be unable to teach in the event that they are required to self-isolate, a student or visitor develops symptoms or the building is closed due to another hirer of the venue becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms

  14. Although we no longer have to social distance, we request that everyone stays safe and respects other people’s decisions, if they wish to maintain a distance from you

  15. Face masks and visors are not mandatory; however, we will respect any person who wishes to continue wearing such in classes, corridors, hallways or close contact with any person; staff, parent or student in the school



  1. If a person develops Covid-19 symptoms, however mild whilst in the premises, we will suggest that they are collected to go home and they should follow public health advice 

  2. If awaiting collection, they should be left in a room on their own if possible and safe to do so, with a window open for fresh air ventilation

  3. They should avoid using public transport and, wherever possible, be collected by a member of their family or household

  4. Inform the Principal and any staff members immediately

  5. Any rooms they have used will be cleaned thoroughly after they have left 

  6. The household (including any siblings) should follow the PHE stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (Covid-19) infection

  7. All waste from cleaning and any rubbish that might have come into contact with the person who is unwell should be double bagged and disposed in line with NHS/Public Health England advice

  8. The person in charge of the building/venue will be informed

  9. Staff are to have all contact information for persons in charge of the building/venue

  10. JSDA will remain open, or close if specifically advised to do so by the venue, NHS or other Government organisation

  11. If an outbreak occurs within the school, parents/carers and staff will be informed about the risk and steps to take: Please see our Outbreak Management Plan Guidance



  1. It might be the case that JSDA decides or be required to close to minimise the risk to students and staff

  2. If JSDA is made aware of the coronavirus in one of the studios we hire, we may make the decision to ask students not to attend.  Likewise, this is the case for staff too

  3. In the case that JSDA is closed, in order to provide a meaningful continued engagement, we will find alternative studios or provide online tuition for students to follow through an online learning environment/web service with Zoom.  This will ensure students are still able to receive tuition and helping ensure the sustainability of the school.  If this is the case;

    1. We will advise students and their parents/carers when this will commence and instructions of access

    2. This would be led by the staff

  4. Staff and students will be advised of when the recommencement of JSDA will happen with as much notice as possible

  5. Contingency planning will take place to seek an alternative venue if it were needed due to continued closure of the current venue or if a larger venue is required to enable social distancing again

  6. To sustain and mitigate risks all staff, students and parents should continue to use this policy to remind themselves of ongoing good working practice and measures to take in relation to coronavirus

Face Masks

Face coverings (or any form of medical mask where instructed to be used for specific clinical reasons) should not be worn in any circumstance by those who may not be able to handle them as directed (for example, young children or those with special educational needs or disabilities) as it may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission.  It is important to recognise that wearing a mask poses the danger that if you keep tampering and adjusting it, you are touching your face and increasing the risk of infection.  It is also noted that wearing a mask whilst exercising can be very dangerous and can lead to suffocation, therefore, face masks are not advised to be worn during dance classes at JSDA


Face masks and coverings do not need to be worn whilst at JSDA, however, should any person wish to wear a face mask whilst at JSDA, we will respect this.



Stay at Home and Shielding

Staff and students should not attend JSDA if they have symptoms or are self-isolating due to symptoms in their household.  Staff and students should self-isolate for 10 days from noticing symptoms 



Risk Assessment

JSDA has carried out a Risk Assessment before re-opening.  This assessment addresses risks associated with coronavirus, so that sensible measures can be put in place to control those risks for children, parents, visitors and staff.  We will continue to keep our Risk Assessment updated in line with Government guidelines.  If you wish to see a copy, please email us at; 

Chesham Branch:

Aston Clinton Branch:

or check the website for all legal documentation




Fresh air will be circulated throughout all rooms with doors and windows kept open to provide this whilst we are in the premises


Toilet Facilities

  1. In the event that a student, staff member or other person in the venue becomes unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, continuous cough and change of sense of smell and taste), they will be required to go to the designated safe area

    1. Chesham Branch: Little Theatre by the Park – Disabled toilet

    2. Aston Clinton Branch: Your Café in the Park - Upstairs disabled toilet


First Aid

  1. Should any student, staff member or parent require first aid, our trained team will perform first aid as necessary without the use of PPE

  2. Should a student, staff member or visitor become ill with Covid-19 symptoms and require first aid, our trained team will perform first aid with the following;

    1. Gloves

    2. Resus masks for emergency first aid

    3. Face masks for general first aid




  1. Any payments that are due, are requested through online banking, however, we are also happy to accept cash

  2. Should online banking become an issue, please contact us via email at;​​

    1. Chesham Branch:

    2. Aston Clinton Branch:

Track & Trace

  1. From 16th August 2021, we will no longer be required to use track and trace on paper form as we had previously

  2. Registers will be taken for all students at the beginning of each class 

  3. Any updates to contact numbers or medical information must be submitted via email as and when there is such update to;

    1. Chesham Branch:

    2. Aston Clinton Branch:

General Information

Listed below is further information to clarify our return to the studios from September 2021

  1. Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should follow public health advice and should avoid classes in the risk of having a positive test

  2. Any updated contact information MUST be submitted to the Principal via email in the case of an emergency

  3. Frequent and thorough hand cleaning with soap and water or hand sanitiser should be adhered to

  4. We request only students, staff and those when buying uniform, do not enter the building to reduce the number of people inside

  5. Face masks are not compulsory, however we will respect the decision if anyone wishes to continue using face masks in and out of the premises

  6. Students will not be required to social distance from another person whilst in lessons

    1. Students will not have to dance in a box laid out on the floor, or on spots as was previous in Stage 3

    2. Students will be allowed to conduct contact/partner work 

    3. Our staff may make contact with students to correct any technique or positioning to help students progress with their training

  7. Sizes of our classes will no longer be limited; however, the management team will use their best judgement to cap any class at a size they believe is best to keep everyone safe 

  8. Our staff will continue to conduct regular cleaning on touch points whilst in the premises with standard products such as detergents

  9.  Studio spaces will be kept well ventilated with fresh air from open windows and where possible doors

    1. During the colder months, we suggest students to bring warmer clothes to wear for warm-up only

  10. Our staff will take the decision to refuse any person into the building, in their reasonable judgement, to prevent possible infection with Covid-19


As stated, the above information in this document is only guidance and has been put together based on the Government guidance and our own expertise, and will be updated when necessary.


Should you have any further questions or extra information you think would be beneficial to the school at this time, please contact us via email at 

Chesham Branch:

Aston Clinton Branch:

Last Updated: 1st August 2022

Covid-19 Guidance Policy

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