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  1. Once you have registered with JSDA, if paying in advance for classes, YOU MUST GIVE AT LEAST HALF A TERMS NOTICE if the pupil wishes to discontinue any classes. You will be charged for the full term in lieu of notice

  2. Jewellery and watches must be removed during class for the safety of the students

  3. No food should be consumed in classes. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited. Pupils should bring plenty of water with them

  4. Mobile phones and other devices should be switched off, or at least on silent, and strictly no cameras may be used for photo or video footage in class 

  5. JSDA cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings whilst in the care of JSDA

  6. Any unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with appropriately and in extreme cases will lead to expulsion

  7. Discrimination and bullying is strictly forbidden. JSDA has the right to dismiss any pupil should this behaviour occur

  8. All JSDA staff are to be treated with respect by all students, parents, visitors and other staff members. In return, JSDA staff will treat each individual with the same respect

  9. Family and / or friends are not permitted to watch classes except by invitation only

  10. Invoices must be paid within two weeks of distribution; a £15 penalty charge will be added if not paid on time and appropriate action will be taken thereafter

  11. Only one discount can be taken per invoice. JSDA will apply the best deal for you

  12. Fees and payments are non-refundable except in extreme circumstances

  13. JSDA take no responsibility for students before or after the class

  14. All pupils under the age of 16 must be collected by their parent/guardian unless

    express consent is given to the contrary in writing

  15. All students MUST wear the correct uniform to all classes – No exceptions

  16. Long hair MUST be tie up in either a ponytail or a bun



By attending classes at JSDA, you confirm that you understand and accept the terms and conditions as stated above

General terms & Conditions

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