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We offer a variety of dance styles to all ages.  JSDA thrives on offering students the opportunity to learn both classical and new and popular genres of dance.



A fusion of artistic motion of dance combining the athleticism of acrobatics.  Students learn a variety of skills as well as building up strength and flexibility.

Most commonly integrated with ballet, modern, jazz or lyrical dance.

Classes are offered to students aged 5+ in Aston Clinton & Chesham



Contemporary dance is made up of influences from a combination of

styles including ballet, modern, lyrical and jazz.

With improvisation, floorwork and performing to a wide range of music, contemporary gives dancers the freedom of movement and expression, using a range of defined principals of contraction and release, fall and rebound, use

of breath and gravity and

successive or initiated movement.

Classes are offered to students aged 7+ in Aston Clinton & Chesham




Commercial encompasses a myriad of styles including; Street, Jazz, Contemporary etc.  It is energetically performed and focuses on musicality, expression and style.

It is most commonly used in music videos and for events with popular artists.

Classes are offered to students aged 5+ in Aston Clinton


Commercial Heels


Commercial Heels is a fierce, dynamic and high-energy class.

Learning to execute routines entirely in heels, incorporating Street Dance and Commercial as a style.

Classes are offered to students aged 13+ in Aston Clinton

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Jazz / Lyrical

Two contrasting styles; Jazz focuses on syncopation, rhythm and strong & sharp movements.  Lyrical is a combination of ballet and jazz, where the performer tells a story - either to the lyrics or the beat of the music, with flowing movements.

Classes are offered to students aged 13+ in Chesham


Musical Theatre

A variety of styles ranging between ballet and hip-hop to jazz and tap. 


Musical Theatre dance connects choreography with written text to tell a story within the show, dancing to musicals old and new.

Classes are offered to students aged 5+ in Aston Clinton & Chesham

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Street Dance

Street dance is an umbrella term, covering multiple dance styles including; Hip-Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Waacking and House.  All of these styles evolved from social dances born on the streets, in public spaces and nightclubs, heavily influenced by social environment and music of the time.

Classes are offered to students aged 5+ in Aston Clinton & Chesham



Tap Dance has evolved as an American dance form, focusing on rhythm where dancers wear metal plates on the toe and hell to give distinctive sounds.  Tap is often seen on the stage in musicals.

Classes are offered to students aged 5+ in Aston Clinton Chesham

Adult Classes


We offer a variety of adult classes for ages 18+ including Contemporary, Commercial, Musical Theatre and Tap

All of our adult classes are suitable for all ages and levels.  Whether you've always wanted to give it a try or have danced the style previously these fun lessons are a great way to explore these different dance styles, meet new people and have fun.

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Ballet Technique

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